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Supporting Innovative Solutions for Gaps in Care

Continued Research and support of clinical development will be an important goal of the Gift of Gabe.  Matching capabilities and expertise with resources and study subjects are meant to take place for the right reasons
The Gift of Gabe Foundation (GOG) supports research in a variety of ways:

Patient-Initiated Protocols

A novel alternative to traditional clinical studies where the patient finds a sponsored study and brings it to the investigator

  • GOG will strive to assist patients in finding & matching the study and study site best suited to them
  • Complimentary, The Gift of Gabe aims to make studies available to HCPs who are looking to match a clinical trial to one or more of his or her patients.
  • "PIP" has two meanings:
    • Patient-Initiated Protocols which the goal is to include the Patient Voice in the design of clinical studies with patient-centric endpoints, more than one if necessary, and
    • Patient-Identified "Preferences", which involves randomizing each patient in the study group best aligning to that patient's health-related goals. Please contact us for more information.

IP Salvage Studies

Searching the scrapyard of abandoned science or resurrecting ideas due to fresh findings and scientific discoveries, the Gift of Gabe strives to support trials with new and experimental therapies to reach and potentially benefit as many patients as possible.

  • Researchers vie for limited government monies through grants to support their discoveries when industry-sponsorship and venture capitalization are not viable options.
  • There are times when current, accepted clinical practice habits are handed down from one generation of physicians to the next, but lack the scientific evidence supporting age old practices.  These should be put through the rigors of the clinical study process, but lack the funding or vested sponsor to conduct them.
  • As the Gift of Gabe grows, we will be poised with scientific expertise to carefully vet these opportunities to see that specific patient-focused projects make it through continued development

Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Fiscal responsibility to an already over-burden Health Care System must be taken into account without sacrificing the very best patient outcomes possible.  GOG believes this can be accomplished for the right reasons, without political interference and in a cost effective manner, but a commitment to adopting proven health benefits and cost efficiency over time must be given by government and commercial payers, systems of healthcare and by the providers of care themselves.

Patient-Centric Altruistic Endeavors..

that defy business models are seldom developed even when they make medical, scientific or social sense, address an unmet need, or can bring a patient less pain and suffering, or better day-to-day management of their disease.

  • “Smart’ pill bottles, in-home alert systems and triggered dispensing consoles, novel app development, and other innovations will be looked at as the Gift of Gabe grows

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