Our Credo

Our Credo is built on the following core priniciples:

  • Every patient and patient caregiver must be informed and is entitled to have someone guide them through every step in their own unique and individual healthcare journey
    • Patients & Caregivers will commit to a partnership with their healthcare providers, will accept responsibility and do everything in their power to ensure optimal health for themselves including, but not limited to, adherence to the agreed upon therapeutic plan
  • Every provider must be granted ample time to spend with patients, while having access to the latest therapeutic & technological advances to ensure the greatest odds for a successful outcome for each patient
    • Providers will explore every possible option to diagnose and subsequently decide on the best approach for each patient, with the patient's input and consideration of the patient's goals,  and will offer the same care for each patient as they would for their own parent, grandparent, son or  daughter.
  • Every hospital & clinic must implement true patient-centric services at a 5-star level, will endeavor to remove and integrate all existing service silos, and will institute a fair equity/liability position for all stakeholders.
    • Operating in a holistic, all-in, environment brings shared responsibility, skilled delivery of care, attentive continuity of care,  informed decision-making, more accurate and predictable costs of care, and responsibility acceptance by all stakeholders
  • Every payer must trust that providers and hospitals will be fiscally responsible, that they will weigh both benefit/risk and benefit/cost ratios in their decision process, and will do so without interference in the clinical decision process
    • Payers will proactively assist patients in choosing plan options, offer additional coverage for unexpected catastrophic events, and also may implement levels of healthcare coverage linked to patient adherence and patient lifestyle choices effecting health
  • Every Elected Official must not allow party politics to play a role in healthcare law decisions and should make decisions solely on the proposed benefits to their respective constituents
    • Government will provide for unexpected catastrophic coverage for patients of need, will apply coverage linked to adherence and lifestyle choices, and may consider funding fiscally-abandoned research projects which have the highest potential to perpetuate knowledge, improve outcomes and impact overall patient health
  • Every Patient and Healthcare Entity must partner with all others having a stake in the delivery of healthcare and must accept responsibility for their role in the bigger picture, to make an impact toward success, clinically and fiscally, as no single person, entity or standalone initiative can sustain alone
    • Every Person and Healthcare Entity must still remember that the underpinning of health care success is measured by a single patient, one patient at a time