• Dramatic Drop in COVID-19 Cases Seen Among Vaccinated Healthcare Workers - In North Texas, 2.61% of unvaccinated employees developed the infection versus 1.82% of partially-vaccinated workers and 0.05% of fully-vaccinated employees.
  • Vitamin D & COVID-19: How Vitamin D Works and Why Is It So Important? Can You Get More Vitamin D from Sun? – High level content, Very well-explained, Complete with scientific references
    • Update: Warning issued re use of Vit D in COVID - Very high doses of vitamin D [10,000 IU daily] caused kidney damage in a person who wasn't deficient in the vitamin. More recently, a news report on the US-based WHIO-TV website said Charles Opperman, MD, who runs a private medical practice in Washington Township, Ohio, had a COVID-19 patient who was hospitalized for excess vitamin D consumption. "He attempted to treat it himself and that did not go very well," Opperman said. "High calcium levels can lead to confusion, kidney stones, and ultimately hospitalization in this situation."
  • Prevalence of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection – Peer-reviewed article from the Annals of Internal Medicine shows 40-45% of SARS CoV2 infections come from asymptomatic spread of disease (Sept 2020)