• Nomogram Developed to Guide Management of Thin Melanomas – Risk calculator developed in Australia with intuitive features
  • Review Shows Evidence of Link Between Diet, Colorectal Cancer Risk - Findings show that dietary fiber, calcium, and yogurt were associated with lower risk, whereas alcohol and red meat were associated with higher risk.
  • Advanced, Fatal Prostate Cancer Linked to Diet - Hyperinsulinemia and inflammation may be potential mechanisms linking dietary patterns with the risk of aggressive prostate cancer, particularly earlier-onset disease. Avoiding inflammatory and hyperinsulinemic dietary patterns may be beneficial for the prevention of clinically relevant prostate cancer, especially among younger men
  • Obesity, Immunity and Cancer - our growing understanding of the effects of obesity and diet on the tumor microenvironment is yielding new targets and approaches to address the incidence, progression, and treatments of the many cancers exacerbated by the epidemic of obesity.