Making your Voices Count

Advocacy General Principal

We strongly believe that

  • Optimization of care for every patient during every visit
  • Allow adequate time for Providers to design a patient's care plan
  • Bring Patient Voices into trial designs & care plan decisions
  • Patient commitment to adherence to the care plan
  • Provider commitment & adherence to improvements in the care plan
  • Prudent utilization of resources
  • Focus on long-term outcomes

will contribute to improved healthcare outcomes, stakeholder satisfaction & may contribute to healthcare economic stability.

​'Provider' includes doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and others tasked with providing healthcare treatment and guidance to patients

Advocating for Clinicians

For Healthcare Professionals, including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and others, the Gift of Gabe team believes and is striving toward:

  • Putting the practice of medicine firmly in the hands of medical professionals with an emphasis on the thorough evaluation and care plan for every patient
  • Allowing for the adequate time necessary to do a complete assessment and design a plan of care for each patient (Quality vs. Quantity)
  • Compensating clinicians appropriately for the time necessary to do a complete & thorough assessment and design a thoughtful plan of care for each patient
  • Create a database and publications relating the utilization of resources Link data to existing machine-learning platforms

Empowering Patients

Some of the primary goals The Gift of Gabe Foundation focuses on to help patients contribute to their health and well-being include:

  • Redefining Clinical Studies to include multiple endpoints that relate to Patient-defined goals and objectives
  • Bring Patient & Family Voices into the medical advisory board and clinical study design discussions
  • Conduct health literacy programs and evidence-based disease state education and awareness
  • Incentivizing adherence to individualized medical plans and implementing positive lifestyle behaviors
  • Create a Patient Contract that outlines the responsibility of the patient and the patient family

Receiving an unexpected diagnosis, absorbing complex medical jargon, navigating appointments and facilities, understanding multiple tests, and the myriad of treatments and procedures can contribute to a daunting and tumultuous experience.

The Gift of Gabe is dedicated to assisting you in finding answers, knowing what questions to ask, and to encouraging your medical team to leave no stone unturned so you can make the best decisions for you and your loved ones

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