About Us

The Gift of Gabe Foundation is a 501(c)(3)-registered, non-profit organization dedicated to patient/family help & support, healthcare provider advocacy, charitable collaboration, goodwill and health-related consultation through the provision of healthcare education with reliable science-based knowledge & expert/peer-reviewed resources.

Having well over 3 decades of experience working as a pharmacist, and in both the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, and as a parent of a chronically-ill child, our founder is keenly aware of challenges to delivering and maintaining, communicating and educating, as well as paying for, optimal healthcare to all patients.

Although policy and mandated directives are necessary to support the delivery of healthcare from the top-down, we believe a grass roots, bottom-up approach will also serve to:

  • Improve the health and outcomes for each and every patient
  • Re-energize and motivate our healthcare provider core
  • Strengthen systems of healthcare and minimize fiscal outliers
  • Shrink payer cost deviations to permit stable and affordable premium offerings
  • Reduce overall healthcare spending as well as waste
  • Stretch goal: Allow redistribution of savings amongst ALL stakeholders